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What We Do Best

Forget trial-and-error. When you train with us, we’ll show you what works right from the get-go. We’ll teach you the exact things we did to not only win multiple local and international championships ourselves, but also produce a host of other local and international champions and record holders.

Long story short, if you want to build world-class strength and conditioning, Adonis Athletics is the place for you.

Strength Development

When you train at Adonis Athletics you don’t necessarily have to want to compete. A majority of our members train because they want to be better and work on their strength for their own self satisfaction. Our experienced coaches will sort you out with a program that suits you schedule no matter how busy you are so that you can progress towards a stronger you.

Body Recomposition

Want to look like an athlete? Forget about starvation diets, cutting out carbs, keto, intermittent fasting or whatever else the latest crazy is. They all work but they so because of a few simple principles that they all have in common. We will show you how to train and eat based on evidence-based knowledge so you not only get the results but also learn in the process.


Whether you want to compete or not it doesn’t matter. If you want to take powerlifting seriously then simply look through our list of achievements over the last decade in the sport of Powerlifting. We will put every resource at your disposal to take it as far as your heart desires.


With an ever-expanding team of weightlifters across our branches and through Online Coaching, our weightlifting program is headed by Coaches Dan W. and Dan V. both of which compete seriously in the wonderful sport of weightlifting. Whether you want to compete or just learn we are happy to accommodate you and improve your weightlifting knowledge and skills.


With more strongman equipment at our facilities than you can poke a stick at you will be spoilt for choice. Whether you are a beginner who wants to just give it a crack and do something different other than the same old boring stuff or you are someone who is looking to make it to the international stage our coaches are heavily experienced in the sport of Strongman and can guide you step by step.

Athlete Development

Do you participate in a sport which needs you be fitter, faster, stronger and more explosive? We have been using sport science and strength and conditioning principles since 2010 to train people from every kind of major sport – football, soccer, boxing, MMA, wrestling, BJJ, Gridiron, you name it. If athletic improvement is what you are after then our coaches are ready and waiting.

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