Hey all I’m Coach Mitch, I’m a qualified personal trainer and level 1 Strength & Conditioning coach who has an intense passion for all things strength and conditioning, particularly in Strongman and Powerlifting.

A little about myself, I’ve always been involved in some form of competitive sport from swimming, soccer and Rugby League to baseball and even some extreme sports and boxing.

Throughout this entire time even though I was extremely active I was also very overweight, after a back injury at work I managed to blow up to 152kg and I realised I had to make a change which led me to drastically change my eating habits which helped me lose about 20kg, I felt so much better and realised I needed to do more which then led me to my local PCYC where I boxed.

It had a simple weights room and was always empty and cheap so I would train there 3 times a week with no idea what I was doing just slowly losing more weight getting stronger and realising how much I loved lifting weights.

After a few months I had then lost about 40kg and then started training at a new gym where i met even more like minded people and one step lead to another and I ended up participating on a YouTube series called “The Grind” hosted by the man Amir Fazeli himself and that’s what introduced me to the sport of powerlifting.

I quickly realised that this what I wanted most, Adonis Athletics is where im my happiest and I never wanted to leave this place.
With the guidance and mentorship from the coaches of Adonis Atheltics strength sports quickly became everything to me, it consumed my mind and is all I ever think about through the day!

I have had the pleasure and privilege of doing what I love most and coaching multiple athletes who have gone on to win State and National titles as well as beating many powerlifting records.

Strength sports is everything to me and I look forward to sharing my passion with you.

Kyohei (Kay)