Kyohei (Kay)

Kay was previously a member of Adonis Athletics for a number of years before coming on board as a coach at Adonis Athletics Castle Hill.

Alongside coaching, he is currently completing a bachelor’s degree in Sports & Exercise Science at UTS whilst balancing his own powerlifting training.
Over the past 4 years, he has achieved 1st at state and national championships and currently holds multiple state and national powerlifting records. In that time he has also competed in novice Strongman and Olympic Weightlifting comps.

His main priority as coach is to utilise his growing understanding and experiences to assist others in their development and progress, through a collaborative, supportive and enjoyable process.

“In my short time here at Adonis Athletics I’ve had the privilege of coaching a wide range of individuals from complete beginners looking to enjoy training and be able to do things they never thought was possible to national level powerlifters looking to break records and reach the top of their respective weight class”