Starting in his late teens, Amer instantly fell in love with the gym! Being a very goal-oriented person, he quickly developed a desire for something a lot more than just “working out”. Something to work towards. That was when he was introduced to strength training. After competing in his first powerlifting competition in 2016, he was hooked!

Amer quickly sought out the help from a coach and has ever since, understood the value of having somebody there to guide him through the process and pass on all the tools and knowledge, and confidence, to be independent in his training.

The strong background Amer has in Psychology and the diversity of coaches he has worked with has given him the skills to work with all kinds of athletes.

Amer has competed in powerlifting at a national level numerous times. As a strongman, he qualified for NSW Strongest Man in his first competition. In Greco-Roman Wrestling he secured a silver medal at states, and a bronze medal at nationals in just his first year!