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  • Written by Amir Fazeli, current Powerlifting Australia -83kg division powerlifting champion and holds the Australian deadlift and total record in his weight division, for the strength coaches, personal trainers, gym rats, powerlifters, strongmen, weightlifters, crossfitters and general strength and iron sport enthusiasts out there. It features methods used at Adonis Athletics to train our lifters and athletes to pull big and it can be yours to own. Topics covered include: - Deadlift mentality - What stance to use - How to set up - The biomechanics of the deadlift (sumo and conventional) - Common mistakes and how to fix them - Round back deadlifting - Accessory exercises - Warmup and prehab work - FREE 6 week personalised deadlift program valued at $150 written specifically for you when you purchase the book It’s designed for the beginner and intermediate lifter to set you on the right path to get you firstly to a 2-2.5 times body weight deadlift and eventually national and world records or simple dominance in your sporting field. All the things that work and don’t work have been tried and tested so you don’t have to waste time. All you have to do is pull. - Smash through your plateaus - Optimize yours or your athletes’ deadlift technique - Prevent injury - Fast track your results - Add kilos to your deadlift, your strength and your total
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