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Weightlifting, Bodybuilding & Powerlifting Training Granville
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November 27th, 2018|Powerlifting|

Privacy Policy Effective date: November 26, 2018 Adonis Athletics ("us", "we", or "our") operates the www.adonisathletics.com.au website (the "Service"). This page informs you of [...]



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Wieghtlifting & Bodybuilding Granville

Injuries, pain, plateau – your journey to self-improvement, building strength and sculpting your body can be filled with setbacks. And with that can lead great disappointment and frustration. That’s where you need expert guidance, assistance and training.

To help you push through, to enable you to excel, to ensure that you conquer. That’s where Adonis Athletics can assist with you taking a step up and overcoming the obstacles to finally experience exceptional results.

We’re here to provide an expert helping hand, to be your partner in smashing goals. That’s what motivates us. Whether your goal is to become faster, bigger, stronger and leaner or all of the aforementioned, we can provide the scientific knowledge and guidance to ensure your goals can become a reality.

We have the most superior weightlifting Granville studio – and we don’t conform to the norm.

No Egos Allowed in Our Bodybuilding Granville Gym

We provide a serious, results-orientated environment built on encouragement, not egos.

You can train at the home of some of the most decorated and experienced athletes who are on hand to offer their expertise and direction at any time. We work as a family with each of us thriving on each other’s results. No cliques or politics.

That doesn’t cut it at our bodybuilding Granville studio. Anyone who walks through our doors is welcomed instantly into our family. We’re all on the same journey; we’re all in this together.

The Weightlifting Recipe For Success

We provide all of the key ingredients for success; the best strength and conditioning equipment and facilities, capped limits on membership to ensure personal and individual attention, constant coaching supervision, feedback and direction and unlimited access to coaches.

We enable superior strength and conditioning training to be a feasible, affordable option for anyone who needs it. Adonis Athletics is the complete Granville Fitness centre for strength sports, bodybuilding and body recomposition and athletic performance. 

Flexible Training Packages and Services in Granville

We offer the most flexible training packages and services. We can provide in-person coaching sessions in our gym as you train, group training or provide our expert advice and assistance via online coaching sessions.

Whether you are new to strength and conditioning and body-building or seeking a fresh approach, we can even deliver personal, private 1 on 1 coaching sessions.

Of course, if you don’t need personal coaching, you can take up membership on a non-coaching basis that allows you to integrate with our family, work alongside top athletes and gain access to an impressive selection of all of the strength and conditioning equipment you could possible need. We are also available to speak at seminars and events, providing expert advice and insights to corporate parties and groups.

To learn more about our facilities, our services and how we can help you to conquer your goals, contact us online or connect with us on social media.

Here at Adonis Athletics, we pride ourselves on offering you what we believe is the best way to train to build your muscles, to increase your strength and boost your body confidence.

We also believe we can help you get in the best shape of your life, thanks to the range of gym equipment, expert advice, and education that we offer.

We believe that the very best gyms should offer its clients:

  • The opportunity to reach their personal goals
  • The opportunity to exceed their personal goals
  • The chance to get into the best shape of their life
  • The chance to better themselves

While also offering:

  • The very best fitness equipment
  • As much encouragement as clients need to fulfil their goals
  • The chance to condition and strengthen the body without breaking the bank
  • Access to knowledgeable and experienced coaches who want to help
  • The chance to rub shoulders with other members and the best athletes

Here at Adonis Athletics, we can offer you all of the above, and so much more. We aren’t into gimmicks or get-fit-quick schemes; we’re all about commitment, experience, skill, and teamwork.  This is why we can offer you something unique every time you set foot in our gym.

Working with our Personal Trainers

The benefits of working with our personal trainers is that you will receive top quality advice, tips and guidance no matter what you’re setting out to achieve. We know we can offer you the best advice on powerlifting & weightlifting in Granville and our services do not stop there.

If you’re looking for a personal trainer that offers you the best powerlifting & bodybuilding advice, or someone to help you get fit again, our team of personal trainers can help you every step of the way.

We believe that exercise is an investment in yourself, that every kilo you lift brings you one step closer to your goal. That every step you take on the treadmill brings you closer to your desired level of fitness, and that every drop of sweat shows that you’re doing all you can to invest time and effort into yourself.

The more you exercise under our guidance, the closer you will be to achieving your fitness or strength-related goals. Investing time and energy in yourself will help to boost your confidence in all areas of your life because you will look and feel better.

Training you as an individual

Here at Adonis Athletics, we train you as an individual not just as another person. We know you want to be the best at bodybuilding in Granville or one of Australia’s best powerlifters / weightlifters, and we know that helping you to achieve your best means that we need to treat you as an individual, and this is what we are proud to offer.

Granville Fitness

Whether you live in Granville or nearby, we can offer you fitness and strength opportunities that we think outshine the rest.

Our fully qualified team of personal trainers and our modern equipment can help you get in the greatest shape of your life so get in touch with us today.

The Home of Powerlifting in Sydney

Whether you’ve always wanted to try powerlifting or you’re already a seasoned power lifter, you’ll find some of the best powerlifting facilities and trainers at Adonis Athletics. As competing powerlifters ourselves, we’ve created the kind of powerlifting gym Sydney powerlifters need to train hard, perfect their techniques and conquer their personal goals.

We’ve got everything you need to practice the three basic lifts and our professional trainers are always on hand to give encouragement and advice on proper form and technique.

Whether you want to improve your squat, your bench press, your deadlift, or all three, you’ll find a powerlifting home-from-home at Adonis Athletics in Sydney.

The Best Gym for Powerlifting Sydney wide

To perfect your powerlifting techniques, you not only need expert tuition combined with personal grit and determination, but you also need the best powerlifting equipment too.

At Adonis Athletics, you’ll find everything you need to squat, bench and deadlift to your heart’s content as our gyms are fully equipped with multiple power cages, squat stands, deadlift platforms, bench press stations, bars and plates.

We’ve a reputation for being the powerlifting gym Sydney powerlifters love to work out in, and there’s no holds barred when it comes to getting loud, sweaty, bloody and chalky – it’s all just part of a day’s powerlifting at Adonis Athletics!

Powerlifting in Sydney just got easier

Whether your goal is to take part in competitive powerlifting or you simply want to challenge yourself, you’ll find plenty of expert help at Adonis Athletics.

We’re here to guide you and give you insider tips, as our aim is to help you to achieve the results you want. There’s no egos and no cliques – just simple good old-fashioned support, feedback and encouragement from people who know powerlifting from the inside out.

Whether you need some one-to-one training, you want to join in one of our group sessions, or you simply want to work out by yourself or with your training partners, you’ll always get a warm welcome at Adonis Athletics.

Learn from the Sydney powerlifting professionals

When you choose to powerlift at our gym, you’ll not only be getting access to professional trainers, but you’ll be training alongside professional powerlifters too.

Whether you choose to train at our Granville Gym, our Penrith Gym, our Castle Hill Gym or our Campbelltown Gym, you’ll have access to top quality powerlifting equipment, together with Powerlifting Australia coaches and current Australian powerlifting champions.  

Since we first opened our doors, we’ve gained a reputation for sculpting many successful Australian powerlifters and have coached many powerlifters to become Australian champions and break multiple Australian powerlifting records.

We’ve got the experience and expertise to make you stronger, more explosive and more powerful so get in touch with us today.

Adonis Athletics have 4 locations including a Granville Gym, a Castle Hill Gym, a Penrith Gym & a Campbelltown Gym. Drop on down to one of the gyms if you are looking for a Personal Trainer in Granville, Castle Hill, Penrith or Campbeltown.

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“I have been training online with Adonis for 6 months and have enjoyed every minute. Great programming, quick responses to questions and always open to explaining the whys behind what i am supposed to do. I am stronger and looking better than 6 months ago! Thanks Amir! Looking forward to 2016 and more gains.”
– Debora

“Joined Adonis as an online client in June 2015 after a friend of mine recommended it. I was slightly skeptical at first but the proof is in the numbers. My deads have gone up 45kgs and squats have increased 15kgs aswell. I had never benchpressed before and am loading weight on every week. I am pleased with my progress so far and cant wait to see where Adonis will take me.”
– Jenny

“Adonis Athletics is not just a gym, it’s an environment, a culture. I have never been to a gym that revolves more around the athletes and their performances. The coaching staff and the support system the members create is unrivalled and nothing supports growth and achievement more than being around some of the strongest people in Australia. Everything from the great programming to our own gym slang are a part of what separates us from the pack. We don’t just raise the bar, we bend it.”
– Monz

“Started training at Adonis Athletics when I was 14 years of age struggling to barely do reps with the barbell. Through well structured programming by the coaches here, I’m looking at a 180kg deadlift in the coming weeks…You do the math.”
– Oktay

“ You were born to win, But to be a winner, You must plan to win, Prepare to win, and Expect to win. ”


Have you hit a plateau with your training?

Take your strength, power and conditioning to the next level with our flexible training packages available for all training goals and experience levels.