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Address: 13/40-44 Wellington Rd, South Granville NSW 2142

Phone: +61 431 691 934 | Staff Hours: 8-11am, 4-8pm

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Granville Gym

Disappointment, frustration, anger, exasperation, fear – strength and conditioning training can lead to a royal mix of emotions. Sometimes goals can seem out of reach and results plateau, the struggle is real. We are inviting you to step up, take your training to a new level and achieve the results you deserve.

At Adonis Athletics, we offer a results focused approach to strength and conditioning training. A unique approach, unlike any other gym, exercise studio or fitness centre you’ve been to or heard about in the past.

We’re the Granville gym with a different way of training. It’s no frills but it works. You get exactly what you deserve – results.

The Ingredients for Success

From their many years of experience, our elite team of fitness and performance coaches have uncovered the precise ingredients for maximising results. It’s not about shouting at clients to push them through, putting them in competition with each other or maximising member quotas.

It’s a combination of individual client attention, personalised training programs, encouragement, support and assurance and providing access to all of the equipment they could veer need. That combination is exactly what is on offer at our training facility.

That’s’ why we have built a reputation as the leading gym for strength and fitness Granville wide.

Working Together In Our Granville Gym

Everybody here at Adonis Athletics is on the same journey, regardless of their experience, sporting background or ability. We are all here to better ourselves. We owe it to each other to help one another to achieve that goal.

Egos, cliques, pettiness, unhelpful comments – they have no place in our facility. They get in the way of results, and results are what matter most.

We all work together, carrying each other through the tough times, the particularly challenging workouts, the pain and the disappointment and celebrating the good times, the results, the progression.

Our focus is on building a family, not a roster of members. We’re here to support you mentally and physically, with each member becoming an integral part of each other’s self-improvement journey. Everyone has a role to play, whether you are a champion athlete or new to strength and conditioning. You have a voice. Listen, learn and lend a hand. We are one team, working together.

Are you looking to get in shape? Do you want to get in shape in a gym that can help you get to where you want to be? If you do, you need a gym that:

  • Has the very latest gym equipment
  • Offers its clients the chance to work with some great personal trainers
  • Gives clients the chance to work alongside real athletes
  • Takes each and every person seriously

Here at Adonis Athletics, we offer all of the above at our Granville gym, and we’re proud of that. We have a team of personal trainers who are happy to help you no matter what goals you have, where you come from or if you’ve never seen the inside of a gym before.

Our Personal Trainers

Our personal trainers are here to help you. With years of experience and the desire to help you reach your fitness goals, every single one of our personal trainers can help you to:

  • Feel more motivated to train
  • Achieve more realistic goals
  • Gain more from all of your workouts
  • Feel like you matter to us (you do!)
  • Build your knowledge so you know how to train, and when to train

If you want to reach the peak of fitness, our gym in Granville is the place to be!

Exercise, an Investment in You!

You may not have thought about it this way before, but exercising in one of our gyms is an investment in you. Our personal trainer’s skills and our equipment can help you to invest more time in your fitness levels, your motivation, and ultimately how you feel about yourself.

Every weight that you lift, every step you take on the treadmill, and every drop of sweat is an investment in your physical and mental health. People tend to feel better once they’ve exercised, which is why we encourage you to exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes.

Feel more confident

Our Gym in Granville can offer you that chance to build your muscles, to get into shape, and to feel more confident. The more confidence you have, the more able you will be to face those long hard days at work, and those tough times when you have no motivation at all.

With a little bit of help from us, you can feel better, more energised, and have a better outlook on life. This isn’t some sales-pitch to get you to sign up to our gym, this is what exercise can do for you.

If you want to improve your level of fitness Granville is the place to be, more specifically, our Adonis Athletics gym that gives you a real opportunity to reach your goals, and get into the best shape of your life.

Don’t just dream about being in great shape, start working towards it in a modern gym that has highly skilled personal trainers and equipment. We can help you realistically reach your goals.

Get in touch with us today, and let us help you achieve.

Explore a Superior Approach to Strength and Conditioning

We promise a different training environment and experience to any other gym Granville wide. We’re not here to sell you any BS. We want you to experience the Adonis Athletics approach for yourself, before you ever sign up to our training packages. Come down to our facility, meet the team, meet your prospective family and get to grips with our equipment with a free 2 week trial for the best gym in Granville.

Adonis Athletics have 4 locations including a Granville Gym, a Castle Hill Gym, a Penrith Gym & a Campbelltown Gym. Drop on down to one of the gyms if you are looking for a Personal Trainer in Granville, Castle Hill, Penrith or Campbeltown.

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t Adonis Athletics it has been our mission to house athletes of all sports to achieve strength and conditioning second to none. With our team of experienced coaches we strive to accomplish the best performance from our members and competitors.

We are Australia’s premier hardcore training facility, we are not a gym, we are Adonis Athletics.


  • 2 x Weightlifting Platforms
  • 7 x Deadlifting Platforms
  • 7 x Full Power Racks
  • 3 x Standing Half Racks
  • 1 x Leg Press
  • 3 x Bench Press Stations
  • 5 x Adjustable Benches
  • 2 x Flat Benches
  • DB 2kg-60kg
  • 1 x Lat Pulldown (plate loaded)
  • 1 x Chest Supported Row Machine (plate loaded)
  • 1 x T-bar Row Machine
  • 1 x Reverse Hyperextension Machine
  • 1 x Kickback Machine
    (plate loaded)
  • 1 x Seated Cable Row
    (plate loaded)
  • 1 x Hamstring Curl Machine
  • 1 x Leg Extension
  • 1 x Incline Bench Press
  • 1 x Bear/Calf Raise/Hack Squat Machine (plate loaded)
  • 1 x Bench Prone Row
  • 2 x Cable Towers
  • 1 x GHD
  • 1 x 45-degree Back Extension
  • 2 x Farmers Walk Handles
  • 2 x Yolks
  • Atlas Stones up to 200 kg
  • 1 x Eleiko Bar
  • 11 x Power Bars
  • 7 x Specialty Bars
  • 1 x Axle Tyre Deadlift
  • 2 x Tyres
  • 3 x Deadballs (10lb, 50lb, 80lb)
  • 8 x Core Bags (10-20kg)
  • 1 x 20 Metre Prowler
  • 1 x Sled Turf
  • 1 x Battle Rope
  • 520kg Ivanko Plates
  • 350kg Eleiko Plates
  • 320kg SMAI Weightlifting Bumper Plates
  • Over 1.7 Tonnes Motion Iron Plates
  • Over 1.5 Tonnes Assorted Iron and Bumper Plates
  • 2 x Chalk Bowls
  • 1 x Competition Scale
  • 1 x Rower
  • 1 x Plyometric Box Set


Amir Fazeli

Amir Fazeli

Founder & Owner

Adonis Athletics Granville 24:7


Amir is the founder of Adonis Athletics and the owner of Adonis Athletics Granville. He is a competitive powerlifter having represented Australia at 7 international competitions to date including twice at the Arnold Sports Festival and twice at the World Championships. His best lifts are 258kg squat, 150kg bench press and 317.5kg deadlift all at under 83kg in the IPF. He holds the all-time highest deadlift record at under 83kg bodyweight across all federations in Australia. His best international results are silver medal at 2012 IPF Oceania Powerlifting Championships, silver medal at 2014 Arnold Sports Festival, gold medal at 2014 IPF Asian & Oceania Powerlifting Championships and 5th overall at the 2015 World Championships.

He is the creator of the Adonis Athletics training system which has been tremendously successful in producing multiple champion athletes in combat, contact and strength sports – in particular powerlifting. If there is one thing he know it’s how to get athletes stronger, more explosive and more powerful.

He is the current Powerlifting Australia -83kg division powerlifting champion and holds the Australian deadlift and total record in his weight division.


  • Bachelors Sport & Exercise Science (University of Sydney)
  • Master Sport & Exercise Science (University of Sydney) – Specialising in Sports Performance
  • Exercise Physiologist


  • Hosted and attended seminars held by none other than Dr. Layne Norton and crew on their Australian tour
  • Hosted and attended seminars held by Chad Wesley Smith, Mike Israetel and Brandon Lilli of the Juggernaut Training System crew on their Australian tour
  • Hosted and co-presented a seminar specialising on deadlifting with the legendary Benedikt Magnusson and Andy Bolton on their Australian tour
  • Was the head sport science writer for the UFC Magazine Australia during its publication
  • Has written articles for Juggernaut Training Systems website
  • Has coached multiple powerlifters to become Australian champions and break multiple Australian powerlifting records
  • Has trained multiple contact and combat sports athletes of high calibre including Olympic level to help them secure wins and surpass their expectations in performance
  • Consulted to Crossfit and other sports coaches in optimising the training of athletes
Wassim Chahrouk

Wassim Chahrouk


Adonis Athletics Granville 24:7


As a coach at Adonis Athletics and competing in multiple sports Wassim has gathered extensive experience with training and programming for different disciplines. Having coached people of different experience levels and different goals has given him an edge over other coaches in the field. Winning and losing in competition has also given him the mental edge over coaches that have never competed in a sport.

From studying at University and under the watchful eye of Adonis Athletics founder Amir fazeli he has been able to coach success stories week in and week out. Using Adonis Athletics training systems he can help you achieve your goals and tailor it to suit your needs. Let Wassim help you:

  • lose fat,
  • become stronger,
  • become faster,
  • gain size,
  • compete in a sport,
  • learn to lift with proper technique,
  • learn better nutritional habits,
  • WIN.


  • Bachelors Sport & Exercise Science


  • Extensive Boxing experience of 10 years
  • Trained many Strength athletes in powerlifting that have gone on to win comps at local and international meets
  • Trained many field sport athletes to help them achieve the competitive edge over oppositions, many who are still training with us now
  • Coached Power lifters at meets to secure victories and personal bests
  • Competed In NSW Amateur boxing ranks
  • I’ve Won a NSW State Title in boxing
  • Competed in Gridiron NSW competition and made it all the way to the championship game as starting centre
  • Experience with individual and team sports on a physical and mental level
  • Co-Hosted Nutrition seminar at Adonis Athletics Granville alongside Founder Amir Fazeli
  • Programming and training educated by Amir Fazeli of Adonis Athletics



Our address

Located in South Granville, NSW

Adonis Athletics, Granville 24:7

13/40-44 Wellington Rd, South Granville NSW 2142

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Call us: 0431 691 934

Staff hours: Monday to Friday

8am – 11pm and 4pm – 8pm

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