Dan V.

Starting in late high school, I was basically coerced in going to the local gym across the road by a few high school mates. With no prior experience let alone interest whatsoever, I very quickly immersed myself into strength training and particularly, strength & conditioning and sports science. 

Struggling with depression and self-harm most of my adolescent years, I found strength training to be not only a crucial outlet but a pivotal tool for self-improvement and development. Unknowingly, I was able to improve and maintain my mental health over the years through physical development and training.

In 2015 I completed my bachelor’s degree in Exercise & Sport Science at the University of Sydney and have been in and/or around Adonis Athletics since then, before Adonis Athletics Castle Hill even came into existence where I am now the head coach.

Over the summer of 2015-16, I interned at Woodford Sport Science Consulting in Victoria for 3 months, working closely alongside the head of their junior athletic development program, Jarrad Kay, which included 3 of the top 10 AFL draft picks that year as well as a mix of field sport athletes and rowers.

By the end of 2016/start of 2017, I took over the head strength & conditioning role at Breakthrough Fitness and ran their junior athletic development program and barbell club, which focused on powerlifting and general strength training programs.

By late 2017, I started working at Tempus and the following year became the Head of Education, overseeing the onboarding process and ongoing development for new personal trainers and coaches. I also oversaw their group training classes, building out an array of strength, conditioning and mobility programs for the general population.

Later in 2018, I ran Tempus Performance; their athletic development program, working with youth and junior gymnasts, basketball players and other field and court sport athletes.

While my training started with general strength training and powerlifting, having briefly spent a year competing in the sport; the vast majority of the last few years I have been training for Weightlifting, competing at a State level. I spent many of my early years of weightlifting training with and learning from former Olympian, Commonwealth and National level athletes and coaches.

Helping people realise their own potential and strength is what drives me as a coach. It’s my passion to build others up through training as it is has done for myself.

Dan L.