• Training For A Better Outlook On Life

Training For A Better Outlook On Life

We often get members walking through our doors at Adonis Athletics and without knowing too much about them to begin with we can only assume they come to us for their strength and conditioning goals.

It’s not until later when we spend a bit of time coaching them and getting to know them that aside from the above goals, they just genuinely enjoy training, it has become a hobby, it’s a form of therapy and release and it’s become a big part of everyday life and who they are.

So let’s touch on therapy and it being a release – Training is therapeutic, it helps release endorphins and it can spill into other areas of your life, teaching you more about yourself in what it means to work hard, being disciplined, having a plan and achieving goals. You can certainly learn a lot about yourself. Training is one big metaphor for life.

In recent times I’ve had numerous conversations with members who shared some pretty heartfelt background stories into depression, anxiety and even suicide. The details of the stories shared amongst us in conversation isn’t the point of this article, but more so what it highlights, what I’ve experienced firsthand, what I’ve seen other people around me go through including some of my closest pupils and what I decided we at Adonis Athletics Castle Hill would do about it.

On Sunday August 14th we hosted a gym open day and Deadlift competition where we would raise money for an amazing organization that is Beyond Blue, who exist to support and help those who suffer from mental illness. We would raise funds through asking for donations, looking for company sponsors, gather prizes we could raffle off and a Deadlift competition to Deadlift for dollars. We would have 40 athletes come from all over Sydney to take part, most of whom would come with individual sponsors, be it family, friends, employers or even colleagues who would donate $1/kg successfully lifted on the day. We had 6-7 weeks to prepare the event and raise the goal we’ve set upon ourselves of $10,000 and with the help of many, we did it! We raised $13003.18 in total to hand over to Beyond Blue in hope that is helps them continue the great work that they do.

Powerlifting, although an individual sport, comes with a very supportive community. Regardless of what federation you compete in, where you train, what club you are a part of or what stance you take in a Deadlift, people you train with or those competing alongside you and everyone in between wants you to do well.

This is what we offer at Adonis Athletics, we offer a place where people not only can feel safe, train hard but also a place where people feel like they belong. Having this type of culture and environment is not only conducive to producing results but the great support network allows for people to open up, be themselves and create lifetime friendships and by doing so, it really does help lift people up, both mentally and physically.

Adonis Athletics as a whole is family to me and as we continue to grow, so will our support for charities out there such as Beyond Blue. We will keep giving back every year in any way we can in a profession and sport that’s given us so much.

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William Le
Coach Will aka Willz_Prime. Will has been in the industry for 6+ years as a coach/trainer. Over the years he has worked with hundreds of clients ranging from the recreational lifters to the very elite. His overall passion lies with strength training and nutrition and he has had great success as a Coach in the realm of Powerlifting and working alongside Carlos has seen them both Coach 3 Powerlifting World Champions out of Adonis Athletics Castle Hill. Two of which who are back to back World Champions. Will also has a deep passion for nutrition and helping people transform their bodies. Having recently completed his study and mentorship with Dan Garner, he now looks to continue his study and keep learning more through Martin Macdonald and his team at Mac-Nutrition Uni to further enhance his nutrition skills. Will is also the Co-Owner and Coach over at Adonis Athletics Castle Hill & Penrith. He first fell under the Adonis Athletics umbrella back in 2012 and has since been working closely with founder and Head Coach of Adonis Athletics Amir Fazeli before branching out to open his own Adonis Athletics branches. read more