#13 – The Biggest Lessons I Learned at the World Championships

In this episode of Bars, Plates & Protein Shakes, Amir talks about the recent IPF Classic World Championships. He recaps how all the Adonis Athletes went in their competition and the most important things he learned observing the performance of himself and all the other athletes in attendance. Why some did not do as well as they should have and why others who were under dogs managed to surprise a few people.

Some topics covered include:

  • How hard should training be in the lead up to competition
  • How to pick attempts correctly
  • How to build a total through realistic numbers
  • Only worrying about yourself and your performance and everything else just happens
  • Mental strength

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Bars, Plates, and Protein Shakes (BPPS) is hosted by the founder of Adonis Athletics, Australian powerlifting champion and a man who has the perfect face for radio, Amir Fazeli. We bring you all the news, research and happenings in the world of strength & conditioning, training and nutrition that's easy to understand minus the broscience.