• How Foam Rolling Should Really Be Done

How Foam Rolling Should Really Be Done

In this episode, Head Coach of Adonis Athletics Granville, Amir Fazeli, goes over the practical explanation of Dr. Quinn Henoch’s video ‘Mobility Myths – Foam Rolling’ and will be discussing the appropriate times you should perform mobility during training.

Original Video:

‘Mobility Myths with Dr. Quinn Henoch | Foam Rolling | JTSstrength.com’


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About the Author:

Amir Fazeli
Amir is the founder of Adonis Athletics and the owner of Adonis Athletics Granville. He is a competitive powerlifter having represented Australia at 7 international competitions to date including twice at the Arnold Sports Festival and twice at the World Championships. His best lifts are 258kg squat, 150kg bench press and 317.5kg deadlift all at under 83kg in the IPF. He holds the all-time highest deadlift record at under 83kg bodyweight across all federations in Australia. His best international results are silver medal at 2012 IPF Oceania Powerlifting Championships, silver medal at 2014 Arnold Sports Festival, gold medal at 2014 IPF Asian & Oceania Powerlifting Championships and 5th overall at the 2015 World Championships...read more