#ASKADONIS: Strengthening Your Mental Game


The second episode of our new series #AskAdonis, where we answer questions you may have.

Coach Wassim received the following question:

“Hey coach! I had a question about mental balance and toughness in training. I have a problem which I’ve picked up on and that is when I begin to go heavy, I begin to develop this phase where my mind gets blank and I somewhat feel intimidated by the weight and it ruins my technique, form and altogether screws up the lift. What would your advice be in regards to getting past this barrier in training and get on top of my training day in and day out. Much appreciated. #askadonis

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Wassim Chahrouk
Wassim is a strength and conditioning coach at Adonis Athletics who achieved his degree in sports and exercise science. He programs for athletes on a daily basis and helps develop athletes at all skill levels. He himself has held state titles in amateur boxing and plays Gridiron competitively. He coaches athletes from a range of sports including: powerlifting, weightlifting, field sports and combat sports...read more