In this episode of Bars, Plates & Protein Shakes, Amir is joined by Luke Starr who is a former part owner of one of Australia’s top performing Crossfit facilities – Crossfit Active.

Luke has extensive experience in taking Crossfit athletes to the top, even to Crossfit Games level and he talks about a bunch of things like:

  • Can Crossfit be used as a strength and conditioning program in itself
  • What his thoughts are on using weightlifting for athletes such as football players and fighters
  • How do movements like the O lifts change for the sport of Crossfit and how that effects the training requirements and goals
  • What he thinks is the best background of sporting an aspiring Crossfit athlete can come from and do great in the long term
  • The hierarchy of importance of skills and abilities that transfer over best to Crossfit
  • His strength recommendations in terms of minimum amount of squat, deadlift, muscle up and a whole stack of other movements for Crossfit
  • Why are Crossfit girls so jacked and tanned?
  • The Crossfit culture

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