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Training & Coaching The Beginner Lifter


Sydney & Melbourne

Over a full day of presentation you will learn the secrets and techniques of how we at Adonis Athletics go about developing our beginner lifters to set them up for a successful future as an athlete or as a lifter.

Training & Coaching the Beginner Lifter is a one-stop-shop seminar to give PTs, coaches and lifters all the information they need to take a new lifter and through the application of proven, practical knowledge improve their strength and lifts and hit PBs.

This course will be a pre-requisite for Training & Coaching the Intermediate Lifter because we will be building on the concepts covered in this seminar.

All aspects of training the beginner lifter will be covered including:

  • Where beginners go wrong, hurt their progress and become one hit wonders
  • What is periodization
  • The common types of periodization and their differences
  • The most game changing principles of training that beginners don’t take advantage of correctly
  • How variation is sometimes done wrong for the beginner lifter and how it should be done
  • How the 5/3/1 program works – what it does well and what it could do better as a beginner program
  • The main differences between beginner, intermediate and advanced lifters that influence differences in training
  • A real life scenario of a lifter to run through as a group
  • A step-by-step program given to you which shows how to take the person in the scenario through a 12 week program and get them to peak for competition
  • Considerations for diet and nutrition including how to determine the required calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates for best results
  • Basic technique queues for the squat, bench press and deadlift and how to troubleshoot some movement problems
  • Weight cutting techniques for last minute weigh-in success
  • The use of supplements and what is considered effective and what to stop wasting money on
  • Considerations for the female lifter to optimise results and performance

You will walk away from this seminar being able to confidently apply the principles and concepts you learn to a brand new, beginner level lifter (and that could mean yourself) and set them up for solid PBs in the gym and on the platform.

“Huge thanks to Amir and the Adonis crew for the seminar this Sunday. They say when you want to learn something you find someone that’s done it before and learn from them, I’m glad I got to spend the day with one of the best in the country.”
* * *
“Not only was it the first seminar I’ve attended in a long time that solely focused on the coaching side of powerlifting, but also on the difference between male and female programming. In general most powerlifting seminars come from the male client view point without mentioning the programming differences in volume and recovery between sexes. Looking forward to the Training & Coaching the Intermediate Lifter seminar.”
Perri L
“Adonis Athletics ‘Training & Coaching the Beginner Lifter’ presented by Amir Fazeli. One of the most comprehensive and informative seminars I’ve ever been to. No bullsh!t, straight to the point and delivered for both male and female clients.”
* * *

DISCLAIMER: Adonis Athletics Pty Ltd reserves the right to change the location of, postpone or cancel any listed seminar. In this event we will offer the option of a refund or as credit towards another seminar of your choice. There will be no refunds or credits given for change of mind or any other reason of cancellation by the attendee.

Price: $197/person

10% discounts for groups of 3 or more. Contact us to take advantage of this.

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The coaches at Adonis Athletics offer consultation services to a wide range of coaches and athletes to help improve their performance in the gym and on the platform or the field. If you would like to pick our brain on how to improve and optimise the training of your team and your athletes contact us for a detailed face to face chat or an in-depth online meeting.

Please specify below what you would like to go through and what issues you would like to address and how you wish to improve your athletes’ performance.


Over an intense, completely in-depth 12 week term we the coaches at Adonis Athletics take a group of interns and teach them every aspect of how we train our athletes and lifters – from top to bottom and inside out. Investing in knowledge is investing in yourself and that is the smartest move you can make if you want to get to the top as a PT and a coach.

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