Why you need more sleep!


Here are just some of the reasons why you should sleep more:

– Physically and mentally function better day to day

– Increase energy levels

– retain more information and concentrate/focus better

– increase ability to recover and perform to higher standards in gym

– lose more fat

– Increase cognitive performance and memory

These are just a few benefits that a good night sleep brings, but the list doesn’t stop there, there are a host of other well documented advantages to getting adequate sleep which we’ll get into more detail series by series of these blogs.

Gone are the days where people would refer to this as “sleep is for the weak” or “sleep when I’m dead” On the contrary, if you want to look good, feel good and perform better in all aspects of life, you should look at getting more shut eye.

Among the athletes we work with at Adonis Athletics, sleep is something we’ve been harping on about quite regularly as of late. Understanding the importance of sleep and how it affects our athlete’s performance, recovery and body composition has played a huge role in the success of the individuals time and effort spent in the gym and the amazing results they’ve come to achieve.

Since implementing the 1%er’s and protocols on getting a better night’s sleep, both in quality and length, we’ve seen our athletes perform better, recover faster, improved mental focus, motivation, energy, fat loss (yes, you read correctly, fat loss), decrease levels in stress, overall happier and really reaping the rewards of time spent in the gym with results.

When you sleep, all systems in the body become anabolic, muscle tissue, nervous system, immune system and endocrine system. Everything is rebuilding in this time, though the main one most gym-goers who are reading this care about is muscle tissue being added to the body to properly sculpt their physique from the stimulus they’ve put it through in the gym. However, if you consistently get less than the ideal amount of sleep, say 5 hours instead of 7-9 hours, you’re going to have higher concentration of catabolic hormones known as cortisol and lower concentrations of anabolic hormones known as testosterone.

Just to give you an idea, when you’re trying to lose weight, during periods of less than ideal sleep, the weight you lose is actually a higher proportion of muscle tissue than it normally would be/should be. When you get enough sleep during periods where you are cutting weight, a higher ratio of what you lose is actually from fat and you retain muscle better.

And if you needed any more convincing, here is another example from one our very own athletes and Coaches.

Our resident weightlifting Coach Phillip Liao (who is also a big advocate for sleep) whom recently competed in the Commonwealth Games had to cut 10kg from usual comp weight to make it into the next weight class below. Upon his return and getting back into training, within 2 weeks his strength was back to where it was before his cut down to 56kg with some specific training and just HALF the amount of work. The key factor to this was implementing strategies to a better night’s sleep. Crazy? We think so.

Don’t underestimate the value that sleep brings. In the world of training, you need the stimulus (the gym) the food (fuel) and the recovery (sleep) to all work hand in hand for the best possible results.

Whether you’re an athlete or not, everyone can benefit from a Koala-ty night’s sleep.

Until next time..

About the Author:

William Le
Coach Will aka Willz_Prime. Will has been in the industry for 6+ years as a coach/trainer. Over the years he has worked with hundreds of clients ranging from the recreational lifters to the very elite. His overall passion lies with strength training and nutrition and he has had great success as a Coach in the realm of Powerlifting and working alongside Carlos has seen them both Coach 3 Powerlifting World Champions out of Adonis Athletics Castle Hill. Two of which who are back to back World Champions. Will also has a deep passion for nutrition and helping people transform their bodies. Having recently completed his study and mentorship with Dan Garner, he now looks to continue his study and keep learning more through Martin Macdonald and his team at Mac-Nutrition Uni to further enhance his nutrition skills. Will is also the Co-Owner and Coach over at Adonis Athletics Castle Hill & Penrith. He first fell under the Adonis Athletics umbrella back in 2012 and has since been working closely with founder and Head Coach of Adonis Athletics Amir Fazeli before branching out to open his own Adonis Athletics branches. read more