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donis Athletics is about the pursuit of bettering one’s character. We believe that you are a product of your environment and as such we relentlessly look to provide a deeply conductive environment to this pursuit of strength and self improvement.

  • An environment where its members encourage each other and rub shoulders with the best athletes around with ambition.
  • An environment where you have access to the best coaches with the highest, up to date knowledge to help you achieve your goals.
  • An environment free of nonsense and ego and filled to the brim with support, encouragement and a single-minded ambition of each and every person to be the best they can be.

We are here to bring strength and conditioning to the public in an affordable way. We are here to provide a one stop shop for anyone who is in pursuit of becoming bigger, faster and stronger using not only scientifically backed knowledge but through experienced, knowledgeable coaches who have spent time in the trenches with countless clients and athletes and helped them reach the top.

We believe we are the optimal choice for those seeking to improve in strength sports, bodybuilding and body recomposition and athletic performance. The problem we solve is providing you with all the information and resources needed to take the guess work out of how to improve body composition, become stronger and more athletic once and for all.


  • Serious environment geared towards producing results
  • Feedback and advice through constant coaching supervision
  • You get unlimited access to experienced coaches that are masters in their craft
  • All the equipment you need for serious strength and conditioning
  • Capped limits on membership making it much more personal and close-knit
  • No judgement and pettyness, everyone is family and trains as one
  • You train at the home of multiple champions and high level athletes within their respective fields under one roof
  • No egos, no tension, no cliques, no politics or commercial gym BS – we are here to get results
  • You train at the home of multiple champions and high level athletes within their respective fields under one roof
  • Much More!




Kevin Yang
Kevin Yang Powerlifter
Fav. Lift: Squat

“Amir & Wassim have created a training environment in which we can grow and better ourselves everyday…a place I call home and can hang out at even when I’m not training.”

Tiffany Bui
Tiffany Bui Powerlifter
Early Childhood Teacher
Fav. Lift: Deadlift

“…hard working yet fun and positive training environment!! Everyone is so genuinely supportive of each other on both good training days and bad training days…”

Sebastian Rambaldini
Sebastian RambaldiniStrongman
F45 Glenhaven owner and PT
Fav. Lift: All of them!

“Both Will and Carlos have an abundance of knowledge and experience, they are extremely friendly and they treat you like family.”

Jared Delandro
Jared DelandroAmerican Football
Emergency services
Fav. Lift: Paused box squats

“…as soon as you walk through that door you know you are here to work at whatever you’re training for and you know that the other members are gunning for you to achieve it.”

Tareq Ahmed
Tareq AhmedPowerlifter
Customer Service
Fav. Lift: Squat

“Training around people who become family. The support and environment given is unmatched to any gym in NSW.”

Kirk Sicard
Kirk SicardJiu Jitsu
Fav. Ex: Nautilus lower back

“I get a new program each week and it is tailored to my work schedule, health and competition timetable + fatigue levels.”

Lance Van Zon
Lance Van ZonStrongman
Fav. Lift: Bench Press

“Everybody is there to train for the same goals and because they actually like to lift.”

Yahya Jideh
Yahya JidehWeightlifter
Software Eng. Student
Fav. Lift: Squat

“The environment at Adonis Athletics cannot be compared to… Everyone is encouraging, and determined to dominate their goals…”

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